At the time, Smithfield was a marketplace. In fact, it was known for a long time as Smithfield Market. This beautiful area of Dublin has, over time, become an ideal place for link to casinos near Smithfield Square, as well as cultural activities. This has also meant that quality restaurants of all kinds have come to Smithfield Square, to delight the palates of tourists and locals alike.

Many of the restaurants are of different types of cuisine. Some of the restaurants near Smithfield Square are:


A good day starts with a good breakfast. Many people, when they think of restaurants, only think of meat, heavy and strong meals. But breakfast is a must, and Fresh makes a great breakfast. There is no fast food here, and you can buy different pieces of bread and desserts. Many of them are organic and have great quality. It is located near the Hotel Generator.

Thundercut Alley

A bistro bar for tasting all kinds of quality brunches. Thundercat Alley offers excellent food, with fun dishes, named after famous prostitutes. Most of the food is pre-defined, prepared instantly, and served as brunches, which can be shared by several people. Their bread and meat stand out.

My Meat Wagon

Good and cheap food, near Smithfield Square. My Meat Wagon is a place where those who go, pay little for much food and will always leave satisfied. It is common for customers to ask for mixed trays, with different types of meat and very abundant garnishes. Its food truck atmosphere makes it ideal especially for young people, after a busy day who are very hungry.


It is also possible to find Italian and international food near Smithfield Square. Although their specialty is Italian food, at Sparks you can find quite a variety of breakfasts, as well as lunches based on meat and fish. However, the most important and appreciated dishes are the pizzas, the plates of pasta, and the lasagna.