The days of the market and horses are a thing of the past. Smithfield Square has been converted into a tourist and residential area, and that has made it an ideal place to host all kinds of events that attract the people of Dublin. Being a square, and having space to concentrate people, all kinds of musical events and film festivals have been developed here.

On the other hand, Smithfield Square is also an ideal place to receive seasonal events. These can be typical of Christmas, Halloween, solstices, equinoxes, or traditional Irish festivals. All that makes Smithfield Square an ideal place for all kinds of cultural events, including the traditional horse fair that has been held since the 15th century.

Music and Concerts

One of the main themes that bring people together in Smithfield Square is music. One of the most famous music events held there has been the Busker Fleadh, a festival of independent music, street performers, and urban music related to Dublin and other places in Ireland. Also, in Smithfield Square have been in concert The Geddes or Paddy Casey.

Film Festivals

The cinema is probably the most important cultural activity taking place in Smithfield Square. Next to the square is Smithfield’s Light House Cinema, a small cinema with coloured chairs that has become the symbol of cinema in Dublin, and has hosted its film festival. The square has also hosted the GAZE International LGBT Film Festival.

Seasonal Events

Christmas is a season when Smithfield Square becomes very crowded. So is Halloween. During these seasons there are fairs, exhibitions, small concerts of Christmas music, or events for children.

There are also events such as the BlueFire Street Fest which brings together all kinds of activities, from street dance classes to artistic workshops. These types of events are ideal for family visits and young people. Smithfield Square becomes a versatile place, depending on the season and the public.