Getting to know different places and betting on casino games is a lot of fun. There are many tourists who for no reason give up their desire to play casinos while they are starting to know new places. All this includes tourists in Dublin, who when visiting Smithfield Square also want to be able to gamble and play.

Today, thanks to the Internet, millions of people can have in their pocket a casino with millions of games. That’s very beneficial for tourists, who want to be visiting amazing places in Dublin, and in their free time, they can simply play some online casino games. However, Smithfield Square has some places where it is possible to sit and gamble. Some of them are:

Voodoo Lounge

In Smithfield Square, there is a very important casino: the Voodoo Lounge. Initially, it started as a lounge, a quiet place to eat and listen to music. However, with time, its transformation into a casino has been consolidated.

Nowadays, the Voodoo Lounge includes tables and its atmosphere is warm and pleasant. Also, it is possible to order some drinks. As an attraction, this casino has a wall with photos and autographs of high gamblers.

Paddy Power

One of the largest bookmakers in Ireland is Paddy Power. It is a large company founded in 1988 that makes all kinds of bets. Today, most of these activities are carried out online. However, Paddy Power has 613 physical shops, at least two of which are close to Smithfield, where you can bet and play various games.

Many Options Online

There are many casinos with No deposit bonuses for Ireland, but there are many others that do offer great options for playing in Ireland or from Ireland as a tourist. Many people in Dublin want to play at night in their hotels to their favorite online casino. Many locals want it too. Online casinos are here to stay and are a great source of fun.