Going sightseeing in a city is a complicated task. There are many things to do, and not all of them can be accomplished in a few days. Smithfield Square has the advantage of being a central and pleasant place, which allows it to be an ideal starting point to get to know attractions in the whole city, like link to casinos near Smithfield Square or cultural spaces. But in Smithfield and its surroundings, there are several very interesting attractions worth knowing.

In this article, you will find some attractions near Smithfield Square.

The Cobblestone

The culture of alcohol in the British Isles is extremely widespread, also in Dublin. For this reason, many tourists who come to the city want to experience a real pub.

The Cobblestone has these characteristics. No food is sold, but all kinds of drinks are. Neighbours and locals come down to the pub to play their traditional Irish instruments, which makes for a very Irish experience.

Smithfield Chimney

The biggest icon in all of Smithfield Square is the Smithfield Chimney. Originally, this was a Jameson Distillery Bow chimney but is now a beautiful lookout point, complete with a couple of lifts. As you go up, you can see a 360° view of Dublin, so it has become an ideal place for tourists and locals who want to spend a different kind of time.

St. Michan’s Church

On the outside, it is a small church, with no great architectural appeal. But when you enter, everything becomes valuable. For a small price and accompanied by an intelligent and friendly guide, St. Michan’s Church is an interesting place to visit because of its crypt, where some mummies are kept. Although impressive to look at, the mummies of St. Michan’s Church are its main attraction and have been preserved for hundreds of years.