Dublin is a cold city. The tourists who go to Dublin are usually very interested in Ireland as a country, and in knowing all the peculiarities of a city as interesting as Dublin. For all that, finding accommodation is usually a complicated task. Particularly, choosing the area is not so easy. Smithfield is a place that has become a quiet residential area, so getting a hotel in this place is a smart option.

There are many accommodation options in a place like Smithfield. Some of them are:

Maldron Hotel Smithfield

The hotel par excellence in Smithfield Square is the Maldron Hotel Smithfield. This is a residential area, but there are a few accommodation options, and the Maldron Hotel is the best known of them all. It is a modest hotel but has all the comforts of a family. It has large beds, WiFi connection, and even parking. Being in the middle of Smithfield Square, it is an ideal hotel to get to know the area.

Generator Dublin

If you are looking for a hotel more focused on a young audience, but with all the amenities, the Generator Dublin is an excellent choice for Smithfield. It is a hotel with beautiful decorations on the walls and bunk beds and has a bar and 24-hour WiFi connection.

The Hendrick Smithfield

Modernity, colour, cleanliness, comfort, and good taste. The Hendrick Smithfield brings together everything an excellent hotel needs to stand out, being of high quality and affordable. The staff working in the hotel has been described as very friendly, and the hotel’s decoration has been highly praised.

Even though it has small rooms, the atmosphere is comfortable and welcoming. As it is located in the heart of Smithfield, it is possible to tour and visit restaurants and cultural events. The Hendrick Smithfield has a bar and cafeteria, as well as WiFi.