Smithfield Square is one of the best areas in Dublin. Formerly known for its market and horse fairs, today it is a quiet, residential, and cultural place, which holds many events a year and offers excellent food in its bars and restaurants. This blog knows the potential that Smithfield Square has, and that is why it has set out to spread the word so that tourists from all over the world can get to know this wonderful place.

Tourists and locals deserve to know the history of Smithfield Square, but also to know which are the best hotels, restaurants, casinos, entertainment fairs, cultural events, film festivals, and many other activities that are possible to do in this neighborhood of Dublin.

What Do We Do?

In this blog, you will find many articles about different information and knowledge about Smithfield Square. What tourists and locals need to know, they will find in this blog about Smithfield Square through articles, simply and attractively for all users who want to read them.

What Do We Want?

The main objective of this blog is to spread knowledge about Smithfield Square around the world. Many people, even within Ireland itself, know almost nothing about this neighbourhood, and that is why creating articles with good information about the place is ideal so that more and more people can get to Smithfield Square.

Through this Smithfield Square blog, you can find articles of all kinds, about many activities that take place in this beautiful place. We invite you to get to know Smithfield Square through our articles.